Awesome Buttons Into Your Webpage Using Pure CSS | bttn.css

bttn.css is an awesome buttons for awesome projects library that helps you create different types with variable sizes and colors on web applications.

Button style classes

  • bttn-simple
  • bttn-bordered
  • bttn-minimal
  • bttn-stretch
  • bttn-jelly
  • bttn-gradient
  • bttn-fill
  • bttn-material-circle
  • bttn-material-flat
  • bttn-pill
  • bttn-float
  • bttn-unite
  • bttn-slant (Beta)

Button sizes

  • bttn-xs
  • bttn-sm
  • bttn-md
  • bttn-lg

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Button Colors

  • bttn-default
  • bttn-primary
  • bttn-warning
  • bttn-success
  • bttn-danger
  • bttn-royal

Button helper classes

  • bttn-block
  • bttn-no-outline (Don’t show an outline when navigating with the keyboard/interact using a mouse or touch)

How to make use of it:

1. Load the basic style sheet bttn.css in the header section of the document.

<link href="Bttn.css" rel="stylesheet">

2. Add the following style categories to the buttons:

<button class="bttn-material-circle bttn-md">
  <i class="icon-menu"></i>


  • Add loading & done state animations
  • Test on older versions of the browsers

Insert Pretty Awesome Buttons Into Your Webpage, bttn.css Plugin/Github


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