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Material Multi-Level Menu for AngularJS Library

multilevel-menu is a multi-level navigation menu inspired by AngularJS’s Material Design.

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Main features

  • Breadcrumb
  • Interface with angular-route if available

How to make use of it:


yarn add angular-material-multilevel-menu


<md-multi-level-menu md-title="Menu"
application.config(['menuProvider', function(menuProvider) {
      label: 'Item 1',
      icon: 'amazon',
      items: [{
         label: 'Item 1.1',
         link: 'item-1-1',
         icon: 'apple'
      }, {
         label: 'Item 1.2',
         link: 'item-1-2',
         icon: 'facebook'
   }, {
      label: 'Item 2',
      link: 'item-2',
      icon: 'windows'
   }, {
      label: 'Item 3',
      icon: 'google-plus',
      items: [{
         label: 'Item 3.1',
         link: 'item-3-1',
         icon: 'twitter'
      }, {
         label: 'Item 3.2',
         icon: 'github-box',
         items: [{
            label: 'Item 3.2.1',
            link: 'item-3-2-1',
            icon: 'whatsapp'
         }, {
            label: 'Item 3.2.2',
            icon: 'office',
            items: [{
               label: 'Item',
               link: 'item-3-2-2-1',
               icon: 'hangouts'
   }, {
      label: 'Item 4',
      link: 'item-4',
      icon: 'linkedin'
      hidden: false
application.controller('Controller', ['$menu', function($menu) {
   $menu.callback(function(item) {
      console.log('You are going to',;

material multi-level menu for angularjs Plugin/Github

See Demo And Download

Official Website(jmouriz): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by jmouriz. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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