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A Multi-Range Slider Component Using Angular | NpnSlider

NPNSLIDER is a reusable range slider component using angular v6.0. It can be used either as a multi-range or a single range slider.

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Creative Concentric Circular Range Slider With JavaScript

How to make use of it:


npm install --save npn-slider
yarn add npn-slider


<npn-slider [min]="2006" [max]="2020" (onChange)="onSliderChange($event)"></npn-slider>


min: number
The minimum value of the slider
max: number
The maximum value of the slider
step: number
The value at which the slider value should change
showStepIndicator: boolean
Whether the step indicator should display or not
minSelected: number
The selected value for the slider’s left handler
maxSelected: number
The selected value for the slider’s right handler
disabled: string
To disable the slider. Valid values: ‘true’ or ‘disabled’ or empty attribute
multiRange: boolean
To switch between Multi range and Single range mode. Slider is multi-range by default
hide-tooltip: boolean
To hide the tooltip that shows on the hover of the slider handler. Default value: ‘false’
hide-values: boolean
To hide values displayed at bottom of slider. Default value: ‘false’
onChange: EventEmitter<number[]>()
The event will be fired on a change of a selected range of values.
Returns: Selected range of values as an array[],
On Single range mode, a number array with a single value will be returned

Multi Range Slider Component For Angular, NpnSlider Plugin/Github, ngx mat range slider example

See Demo And Download

Official Website(npnm): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by npnm. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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