Nepali Date Picker jQuery Plugin | nepaliDatePicker

Nepali Date Picker is a customizable, easy-to-use, and input-based date picker plugin mostly based on the Nepali calendar.

Users can choose a Nepali date in the navigable month view and change month and 12 months from dropdown menus at the height of the Nepali calendar.

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How to make use of it:

1. Install & Download with NPM.

$ npm i nepali-date-picker --save

2. Insert the Nepali Date Picker’s JavaScript and CSS information into the HTML web page.

<!-- Required -->
<script src="/path/to/cdn/jquery.slim.min.js"></script>
<!-- From Local -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="./dist/nepaliDatePicker.min.css" />
<script src="./dist/jquery.nepaliDatePicker.min.js"></script>
<!-- Or From A CDN -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/dist/nepaliDatePicker.min.css" />
<script src="/dist/jquery.nepaliDatePicker.min.js"></script>

3. Create an input for the Nepali Date Picker.

<input type="text" worth="" name="date" class="example" />

4. Attach the Nepali Date Picker.


5. Customize the date format.

  • %d: Date, १, १२, …
  • %D: Names of the times of the week, आईत, सोम, …
  • %m: Nepali month, १, ५, …
  • %M: Month title, बैशाख, जेठ, असार, …
  • %y: Year, २०७४, …
  dateFormat: "%D, %M %d, %y"

6. Determine to auto-dismiss the Nepali calendar after a date is chosen.


7. Set the min/max dates.

  minDate: 'सोम, जेठ १०, २०७३',
  maxDate: 'मंगल, जेठ ३२, २०७३'

8. Set the start/end years.

  yearStart: 1970,
  yearEnd: 2100

9. API strategies.

  yearStart: 1970,
  yearEnd: 2100

10. Event handlers.

$("#example").on("show", function (event) 
  // do something

$("#example").on("yearChange", function (event) 
  // do something

$("#example").on("monthChange", function (event) 
  // do something

$("#example").on("dateChange", function (event) 
  // do something

$("#example").on("dateSelect", function (event) 
  // do something


OptionData TypeDescription
Default value: true
Enable/disable the close date picker on the date selected.
Default value : “%D, %M %d, %y”
Set date format.
dateFormat: ” %D, %M %d, %y
dateFormated output: बिही, फागुन १०, २०७४%d : Date
१, १२, …%D : Weekday name
आईत, सोम, …%m : Nepali month
१, ५, …%M : Month name
बैशाख, जेठ, असार, …%y : Year
२०७४, …
minDateStringSet min date select range.
“सोम, जेठ १०, २०७३”
Note: Date should be formatted as dateFormat option provided
maxDateStringSet max date select range.
“मंगल, जेठ ३२, २०७३”
Note: Date should be formatted as dateFormat option provided


  • Global variable calendarFunctions
  • Month start form 0 index
    1: January | बैशाख
    12: December | चैत
  • Week Day start form 0 index
    1: Sunday | आईत
    7: Saturday | शनि
getNepaliNumber(number)@param {Number} [email protected] {String}Return equivalent number in nepaliNumber
getNumberByNepaliNumber(nepaliNumber)@param {String} [email protected] {Integer}Return equivalent number from nepaliNumber
getBsMonthInfoByBsDate(bsYear, bsMonth, bsDate, dateFormatPattern)@param {Number} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] {String} [email protected] { adDate : DateObject, bsDate : Number, bsMonth : Number, bsMonthDays : Number, bsMonthFirstAdDate : DateObject, bsYear: Number, formattedDate : String, weekDay : Number }Return Bs monthly data
getAdDateByBsDate(bsYear, bsMonth, BsDate)@param {Number} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] {DateObject}Return corresponding Ad date by Bs date
getBsMonthDays(bsYear, bsMonth)@param {Number} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] {Number}Return number of days in bsMonth
getBsDateByAdDate(adYear, adMonth, adDate)@param {Number} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] { bsYear : Number, bsMonth : Number, bsDate : Number }Return corresponding Bs date data by Ad date
getBsYearByAdDate(adYear, adMonth, adDate)@param {Number} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] {Number}Return corresponding Bs year by Ad date
getBsMonthByAdDate(adYear, adMonth, adDate)@param {Number} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] {Number}Return corresponding Bs month by Ad date
bsDateFormat(dateFormatPattern, bsYear, bsMonth, bsDate, day)@param {String} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] {Number} [email protected] {String}Return formatted Bs date
parseFormattedBsDate(dateFormat, dateFormattedText)@param {String} [email protected] {String} [email protected] { bsYear : Number, bsMonth : Number, bsDate : Number, bsDay: Number }Parse formatted date

See Demo And Download


Official Website(leapfrogtechnology): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by leapfrogtechnology. For extra Advanced Usage, please go to the official website.

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