Simple Web-Rich Text Editor That Can Export HTML

Rich Text Editor is a simple HTML export web text editor developed with the jQuery library, Bootstrap framework, and the iconic Font Awesome font. Editor Buttons: Undo…


Modal Dialog Box Plugin Based On jQuery | cxDialog

cxDialog is a jQuery-based dialog plugin that supports custom appearance styles, is Zepto compatible, and is suitable for portable use. This jQuery plugin is used to generate…


Markdown Editor Based On The Ace And Bootstrap Editor | codeparlMarkdown

Bootstrap Markdown Editor is a jQuery plugin that helps you create a full-featured, customizable tag editor with Bootstrap, Ace Editor, Font Awesome, and Showdown.js. Requirements Bootstrap 4…


WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor For Angular Using ProseMirror

NgxEditor WYSIWYGĀ Rich Text Editor for Angular using ProseMirror. Based on the iconic font Ngx-Bootstrap and Font Awesome. ngx-editor is a simple rich text editor for Angular applications…


HTML 5 File Input Optimized for Bootstrap 4.x./3.x with File Preview | Bootstrap Fileinput

bootstrap-fileinput is an improved HTML 5 file input  Bootstrap 5.x, 4.x and 3.x with file preview for different files, provides multiple selections, resumable section uploads, and more….


A Simple Javascript Background Parallax Scrolling Library | parascroll.js

Parascroll.js provides a simple image scroller that can be easily integrated into any website. It is ideal for backgrounds on “hero” style elements but can be used…