High-Quality QR Code Generator Library in TypeScript/JavaScript

QR Code Generator Library project aims to be the best and clearest QR code generator in multiple languages. The primary goals are flexible choices and absolute health. Secondary goals are compact execution volume and good documentation feedback.

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Basic Features:

  • Available in six programming languages, all with roughly equal functionality: Java, TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, Rust, C++, and C
  • Significantly shorter code but more documentation feedback compared to competing libraries
  • Supports encoding of all 40 versions (sizes) and all four levels of error correction, according to the QR Code Model 2 . standard
  • Output Format: QR Code Raw Units / Pixels
  • Detects seeker-like punishment patterns more accurately than other executions
  • Encoding private numeric and alphanumeric text with less space than general text
  • Open source code under the MIT license permitted

Manual parameters:

  • The user can set the minimum and maximum allowed version numbers, then the library automatically chooses the smallest version in the range that fits the data
  • The user can select the mask style manually, otherwise the library will automatically evaluate all 8 masks and select the optimal ones
  • The user can select the absolute error correction level, or allow the library to boost it if he has not increased the version number
  • User can create a list of data segments manually and add ECI segments

Optional advanced features (Java only):

  • Japanese Unicode text encoding in kanji mode to save a lot of space compared to UTF-8 bytes
  • Calculates optimal switching of segment mode for text containing mixed numeric/alphanumeric/general/kanji parts.

More information about QR Code technology and the design of this library can be found on the project’s homepage.

Vue Component QR Code Reader Scanner Using Javascript

How to make use of it:

Import the QR Code Generator’s JavaScript file into the HTML web page.

<script src="qrcodegen.js"></script>

Basic usages:

// Name abbreviated for the sake of these examples here
var QRC = qrcodegen.QrCode;

// Simple operation
var qr0 = QRC.encodeText("Hello, world!", QRC.Ecc.MEDIUM);
var svg = qr0.toSvgString(4);

// Manual operation
var segs = qrcodegen.QrSegment.makeSegments("3141592653589793238462643383");
var qr1 = QRC.encodeSegments(segs, QRC.Ecc.HIGH, 5, 5, 2, false);

Flexible Client-side QR Code Generator, QR Code generator libraryPlugin/Github

See Demo And Download

Official Website(nayuki): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by nayuki. For extra Advanced Usages, please go to the official website.

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