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destyle.css is an open reset style sheet that provides a clean design menu for your project. This CSS reset library is used to create clean, neat web pages.


An h1 might need to be bold & large in some contexts (e.g. at the top of a text page) but might be small and inconspicuous in others (e.g. on a settings page in an app).


button tags have a lot of default styles that can make them cumbersome to use from a styling perspective, especially if they should look like plain links or need to wrap some other content, but button tags are the recommended elements to use as click targets for user interactions. Falling back to using <a href="#"> even with role="button" is not recommended from an accessibility standpoint as screen readers will recognize buttons as interactive elements by default and treat them accordingly. a should be used when there is a need to link to a page via href.

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Clean Styling CSS Reset Library Details

Post NameCSS Reset destyle Library
Author Namenicolas-cusan
CategoryCSS & CSS3, Other
Official PageClick Here
Publish DateDecember 5, 2020
Last UpdateJuly 11, 2023
DownloadLink Below


  • Ensures consistency across browsers as much as possible
  • Prevents the necessity of resetting user agent styles
  • Prevents style inspector bloat by only targeting what is necessary
  • Removes margins & paddings
  • Removes default font styles and ensures proper inheritance
  • Contributes to the separation of presentation and semantics
  • Sets sensible default styles
  • Well suited for utility class libraries and large codebases
  • Made for modern browsers only, therefore small in size (~0.95kb)


  • The box model is set to border-box for *::before and ::after.
  • The border-style is set to solid for *::before and ::after and the border-width is set to 0 (to hide the borders).
  • codeprekbdsamp maintain a monospaced font family.
  • hr is set to be a solid 1px line using border-top that inherits its color from its parent’s color property.
  • Inline elements that carry style (bistrong, etc.) are not reset.
  • canvas and iframe maintain their default width and height (varies depending on the browser).
  • buttonselecttextarea and input are reset using appearance: none.
  • textarea maintains its default height.
  • meter and progress elements are not reset.
  • Replaced content like imgiframe and svg use vertical-align: bottom to prevent alignment issues.
  • Focusable elements retain a focus outline, style depends on the browser.

How to make use of it:

Installation & Download:

$ npm install destyle.css --save

Import the destyle.css into your mission.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="destyle.css">

See Demo And Download


Official Website(nicolas-cusan): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by nicolas-cusan. For extra Advanced Usages, please go to the official website.

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