A Simple and Easy Progress Bar With Promises Support | rsup

Rsup Progress is a simple, fast, and modern JavaScript progress bar library with promising support. The progress bar is fast at the start but it never ends as it slows down.

This gives users natural movement without the exact percentage of progress.

How to make use of it:

1. Install and import the Rsup Progress as an ES module.

$ npm i rsup-progress --save

2. Or load the UMD version of the Rsup Progress library within the doc.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/rsup-progress"></script>
// or
import Progress from './dist/index.js';

3. Initialize the library and we’re able to go.

// ES Module
const progress = new Progress();

// Browser
const progress = new RsupProgress();

4. Start the progress bar.


5. End the progress bar.

fetch('data.json').then(response => {

6. Use with Promise.

const response = await progress.promise(fetch('data.json'))
// add a delay
progress.promise(delay(500), 200)

7. Default configurations.

const progress = new RsupProgress({
      maxWidth: '99.8%',
      height: '4px',
      duration: 60000,
      hideDuration: 400,
      zIndex: '9999',
      color: '#ff1a59',
      className: '',
      timing: 'cubic-bezier(0,1,0,1)',
      position: 'top', // or 'bottom', 'none'
      container: document.body

8. Update choices.

  // options here

9. Check if the progress bar is working. Returns true or false.


Easy Progress Bar Engine With Promise Support, RSUP Progress Plugin/Github

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