Smooth and Lightweight Parallax Scroll Library in Pure Javascript

Lightweight and seamless parallax scrolling library implemented in pure javascript using hardware acceleration for additional performance.

Main Features

Extremely lightweight with no dependencies

A few kilobytes of pure JavaScript.

Viewport animation only

Parallax elements are only animated in the current viewport, which saves a lot of resources.

Dynamic Scaling

Image elements are sized and adjusted dynamically with respect to the PV velocity.

Performance is the key

Vanilla Parallax maximizes your parallax effects with hardware acceleration and no external libraries.

Media type independence

The parallax effect applies not only to photos but to videos as well. The audio of the videos will be played if the videos are clicked and remain within the viewport.

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How to make use of it:

Include both vanilla-Parallax.js and vanilla-Parallax.css on the webpage.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="vanilla-parallax.css">
<script src="vanilla-parallax.min.js"></script>

Add your parallax images to a container using themes.

<div class="para-container" para-height="50vh">
  <div class="para-block" para-speed=-1.0 para-image="bg.jpg"></div>

You can also apply a parallax scrolling effect to target containers and blocks.

  container : {
    class : 'para-container',
    height : '333px',
    heightSuffix : 'px'
  block : {
    class : 'para-block',
    speed : -1,
    mediatype: image, // image, video or none
    mediapath: "bg.jpg", // path to file
    mute: false

Browser support

Tested browsers:


JavaScript Settings

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NameTypeDefaultDescriptionExample values
settingsObject{container, block}Settings object. These settings will be applied to each container and block. Can be individually overwritten by data attributes.{container: {…}, block: {…}
settings.containerObject{class, height}The container object.{…}
settings.container.classStringpv-containerThe class of the container element. Remember to update the CSS classes if you wish to change this.pv-container
settings.container.heightString || Number250pxThe container’s height is in either pixels or viewport heights. If the string lacks a suffix, or a number is entered, it will default to pixels.250px, 50vh, 250
settings.blockObject{class, speed, mediatype, mediapath}The block object.{…}
settings.block.classStringpv-blockThe class of the block element. Remember to update the CSS classes if you wish to change this.pv-block
settings.block.speedNumber || Float-Math.PIThe speed and direction at which the parallax animated. Negative values will animate the `block` upwards when scrolling downwards on the page.1, 1.5, -1, -1.5
settings.block.mediatypeStringimageThe block’s media type. Blocks with media paths containing a video extension will automatically be considered videos.image, video, or none
settings.block.mediapathStringundefinedThe block’s media path.../path/to/file.ext
settings.block.muteBooleanfalseDefines whether or not all videos should be muted.true or false

See Demo And Download


Official Website(erikengervall): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by erikengervall. For extra Advanced Usage, please go to the official website.

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