A Simple Review Gate Using jQuery Plugin

Review Gate is a lightweight review gateway made from a jam to capture user reviews that are not 5-star quality. It helps companies collect negative and positive comments to enhance the customer service experience better.

Checking is a gateway is designed to capture customer feedback to help build better products and enhance the customer service experience. The user allows you to evaluate your product or service using a 5-star rating system and ask them to leave reviews to collect negative and positive feedback.

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How to make use of it:

1. Create the HTML for the Review Gate.

<!-- Navbar -->
<nav class="review-gate-navbar" style="display: none">
  <button class="review-gate-navbar__btn">&#10094;</button>
  <div class="review-gate-navbar__logo-wrapper">

<!-- Review Gate -->
<div id="review-gate">
  <section class="review-step">
    <h2 class="review-title">Rate Your Recent Experience</h2>
  <section class="review-step">
    <h2 class="review-title">Please Leave Us A Review!</h2>
      We are very happy to hear you had a positive experience with [ex:
      "bluetech"]. Please take a second to leave us a review on [review
    <a class="btn leave-review-btn" href="#">Leave Review</a>
  <section class="review-step">
    <h2 class="review-title">Please Leave Us Some Feedback</h2>
      We are sorry to hear you did not have a 5-Star experience. Please
      take a moment to leave us feedback on how we can improve.
      <br />
      <br />
      [Insert Your Feedback Form Here]

2. Add the primary script review-gate.jquery.js after loading the most recent jQuery library.

<script src="/path/to/cdn/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/js/review-gate.jquery.js"></script>

3. Initialize the assessment gate plugin and completed.

  onUpdate: function (count) {
    if (count >= 5) {
      // Do something on good review
      $('#review-gate').reviewGate('step', 2);
    } else {
      // Do something on bad review
      $('#review-gate').reviewGate('step', 3);

4. All default plugin configs.

  stepClassName: 'review-step',
  navbarColor: '#fff',
  navBarClassName: 'review-gate-navbar',
  navBarBackBtnClassName: 'review-gate-navbar__btn',
  enableNavBackBtn: true,
  emojiConfig: {
    emoji: 'star',
    fontSize: 42,
    attributes: {
      id: 'emoji-ratings-wrapper',
    css: {},
  onUpdate: function () {
    alert('Add an onUpdate function');

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