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Translate Strings In Any Elements & Attributes Using Vanilla JS | Simple Translator

Simple Translator is an extremely lightweight solution (less than 9 kB) for translating content using pure JavaScript. Node JSnatively works in the browser. Simple client-side translation using pure JS.

More Features:

  • Translate individual sentences
  • Translate complete HTML pages
  • Easily bring in JSON resource files (contain your translations)
  • Take advantage of general assistant functions
  • Automatically discover the user’s preferred language

How to make use of it:

Install & Download:

# Yarn
$ yarn add @andreasremdt/simple-translator

$ npm i @andreasremdt/simple-translator --save

1. Import the simple-translator library.

// ES Module
import Translator from '@andreasremdt/simple-translator';

// Or from a CDN
<script src="" defer

2. Define translations (key/value pairs) in JSON records data and place them into the i18n folder.

// en.json
  "title": "Title",
  "content": "Content"

3. Add the data-i18n attribute to the component you need to have a number of languages as follows:

<h1 data-i18n="title">Title</h1>
<h1 data-i18n="content">Content</h1>

4. It additionally permits you to translate values in any attribute:

<div data-i18n=".label"
     title="to be translated...">

5. Initialize the library.

var translator = new Translator({
    // options here
translator.fetch(['en']).then(() => {

6. Switch between languages.


7. Translate strings in a customized HTML attribute:


8. Determine whether to retailer the final selected language within the native storage. Default: false.

var translator = new Translator({
    persist: true,
    persistKey: 'preferred_language'

9. Specify the file path the place the JSON records data are positioned.

var translator = new Translator({
    filesLocation: "/i18n"

10. Determine the default language. Default: empty.

var translator = new Translator({
    defaultLanguage: "de"

11. Auto determines the user’s desired language.

var translator = new Translator({
    detectLanguage: true

12. Override the default selector.

var translator = new Translator({
    selector: '[data-i18n]'

13. Determine whether or not to register the helper globally.

var translator = new Translator({
    registerGlobally: '__'

14. API strategies.

// Translates a single translation string into the desired language.
translator.translateForKey(String: key, String?: language);

// Translates all DOM elements that match the selector ('[data-i18n]' by default) into the specified language.
translator.translatePageTo(String?: language);

// Registers a new language to the translator.
translator.add(String: language, Object: translation);

// Removes a registered language from the translator.
translator.remove(String: language);

// Fetches either one or multiple JSON files from your project by utilizing the Fetch API.
translator.fetch(String|Array: languageFiles, Boolean?: save)

// Gets the current language

language translator javascript code for a website, Tagging elements for translation, simple-translator Github

See Demo And Downloa

Official Website(andreasremdt): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by andreasremdt. For extra Advanced Usages, please go to the official website.

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