[Generator] JavaScript Library for Creating Squircley Magic ✨ | squircley.js

squircley.js is the core magic of Squirclular ✨ from https://squircley.app wrapped in a simple 0-dependency JavaScript library.

squircley.js can generate SVG files, add square backgrounds to DOM elements, and even create nested base64-encoded strings ready to use with img tags.

Note Now squircley.js is just an ES module. I’ll add UMD support etc if people need it in the future, I didn’t want to get lost in the land of a backlog so early 🙏



squircleBackground are simply a wrapper around createSquircle. The options are identical.

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How to make use of it:

1. Import Squircley.js as an ES module.

import { 
  // core
  // squircle background image
} from './src/squircley.js';

2. Create an SVG-based squircle and customize the form with the next options:

const squircleSVG = createSquircle({
      format: 'SVGNode',
      curvature: 0.5,
      fill: '#4C3EF7',
      rotate: 0

3. Generate a base64 encoded squircle and append it to a picture.

const target = document.querySelector('img');
const squircleBase64 = createSquircle({
      format: 'base64',
      // options here
target.src = squircleBase64;

4. Generate a URL-encoded background picture.

const squircleBackgroundImage = createSquircle({
      format: "backgroundImage",
      // options here
// apply the background image to an element
// or
document.body.style.backgroundImage = squircleBackgroundImage;

5. Or instantly use the squircleBackground module.

squircleBackground('.squircle-background', {
  // options here



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formatStringSVGNodeThe format of the squircle. Accepts SVGNodebackgroundImagebase64
viewBoxArray[0, 0, 200, 200]SVG view box (x, y, w, h)
widthNumber200Width of the squircle
heightNumber200Height of the squircle
curvatureNumber0.5Value 0 - 1 that determines how round the squircle is
fillString0.5Fill the color of the squircle
rotateNumber0Rotation of the squircle

See Demo And Download


Official Website(georgedoescode): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by georgedoescode. For extra Advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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