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JavaScript Library For Getting And Setting CSS Stylesheet Rules

JSS is a simple JavaScript library for retrieving and setting CSS stylesheet rules.

  • Small – only 4KB mini
  • no dependencies
  • Licensed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Supports FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE9 +

Why create CSS with JavaScript?

  • Sets which patterns to count or retrieve
  • To set behavioral patterns for your widget or plugin so that consumers don’t have to include a stylesheet for core functionality
  • To apply styles dynamically without cluttering your HTML (as with inline styles)
  • Sets styles on all current and future elements

Stylesheet For Implementing Dark Mode with Bootstrap

How to make use of it:

1. Simply load the JavaScript JSS.js file into the document.

<script src="jss.js"></script>

2. You can add a new rule (or extend an existing rule) as follows:

jss.set('code', { color: teal; });

3. You can retrieve the rules for a specific CSS selector as follows:


4. This will return an object:


5. You can also completely remove an existing rule with:


Generate CSS With JavaScript, JSS Plugin/Github

See Demo And Download

Official Website(dvtng): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by dvtng. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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