A Lightweight and Flexible Modal JavaScript Library | A11y Dialog Component

a11y-dialog-component is a fast, lightweight, and flexible JavaScript vanilla library for creating modal or unconditional dialogs or accessible hints. Must Read: iOS Style Modal Dialog Web and…


[Testing] CSS Library to Quickly Highlight A11Y Concerns | Checka11y.css

Checka11y CSS is designed to quickly highlight some common accessibility errors and warnings that can be easily and quickly corrected. Recommended before moving on to automation tools and…


JavaScript Plugin To Easily Add Pause Buttons To Your GIFs | Gifa11y

Gifa11y easily adds pause buttons to your GIFs. This script is for shorter GIFs that repeat indefinitely. It only generates a static image from the first frame….


An Accessible and Responsive Image Lightbox Library | Parvus

Parvus is a simplified, accessible, open-source image lightbox component and an easy-to-use graphic display component written in regular JavaScript. How to make use of it: 1. You…


A Simple Accessible Show-and-Hide/Accordion Script | houdini

Houdini is a simple accessible show-and-hide/accordion script. Houdini gradually improves the codec as it loads. You provide content and Houdini layers in toggle buttons, ARIA themes, and interaction…


Accessible jQuery Plugin For Accordion | wfAccordion

wfAccordion is a plugin for jQuery to enhance the predefined flags with the accordion accessible function that supports the keyboard. The jQuery wfAccordion plugin makes it easy…