A Text Diff Component for Angular | ngx-text-diff

ngx-text-diff is a simple text diff component that is used with Angular and is based on the google match debugs library. Run ng build ngx-text-diff to build…


Angular 6 Date Range Picker Inspired By PayPal’s On Website

Angular DateRangePicker is a date range picker largely inspired by the PayPal data picker as seen on the website. Must Read: Date Range, Date and Time Picker…


A Wrapper For Google Charts Library Written In Angular

Angular Google Charts library provides a wrapper for the Google charts for Angular 6+, which is built with AngularCLI. How to make use of it: Installation: npm…


A Simple, Responsive Lightbox for Angular Component

Lightbox for Angular is a simple and responsive gallery rendering plugin created for Angular 7+ applications. How to make use of it: Installation npm i @crystalui/angular-lightbox 1….


A Powerful and Effective Angular Year Calendar Library

Angular year calendar is a simple and easy-to-use annual calendar for your Angular applications. The angular year calendar library is based on date-fns and @angular/CDK. best angular…


A Highly Customizable Angular ngx Tree Component

Tree-ngx is a treeview component that can easily handle thousands of nodes. It is designed for use with minimal implementation as well as being highly customizable. Made…