Blur Desaturate The Background Image For Your Header | Scroll-Hero-Plugin

Scroll Hero jQuery plugin that will blur, darken or desaturate the background image of your header as you scroll down a web page, using a CSS blur…


A JavaScript library that You Add Motion Blur to Your CSS Animation | MotionBlurJS

MotionBlurJS is a lightweight JavaScript library that allows your animation to shine with homemade CSS Motion Blur/Fade while keeping your code clean and the smoothness of your…


Modal Window Based On jQuery and GSAP With Motion Blur Effect

Motion Blur Experiment is an elegant animated stylistic window with an SVG filter-based motion blur effect, built with the jQuery JavaScript library, CSS3, SVG, and GSAP (TweenMax.js)….


Angular Loading Images With Blur Effect Component Library

AngularX Blurred Image is an Angular component to implement lazy loading of medium images inspired by images with blur effect. blur page while loading, lazy loading with…


AngularX Loading Images With Blur Effect Component | ngx-blurred-image

ngx-blurred-image is an angular component to implement the slow loading of the progress-inspired medium image with a blurry effect. npm blur page while loading, angular lazy loading…


Vue Directive To Blur An Element Dynamically Library

Vue directive to blur an element dynamically. Useful for partially hiding items, use with turntable when content isn’t ready among other things. focus and blur events in…