Drag and Drop Website Builder Javascript Library | VvvebJs

VvvebJs is an online web page builder based on jQuery and Bootstrap where users are allowed to add/remove Bootstrap 4 components via drag and drop. Licensed under…


Easily Build Beautiful Tutorials With Vue | VueTut

VueTut is a vue.js component to quickly and easily create your own code lessons. VueTut allows you to create beautiful tutorials to go along with your documentation….


A Lightweight WYSIWYG Editor Designed With Vanilla JS | pexego

Pexego is a lightweight WYSIWYG editor built with Vanilla JavaScript that can be used as a page builder. Inspired by the WordPress Gutenberg template editor. Must Read:…


Angular 2 JSON Schema Form Builder Library

JSON Schema form builder for Angular 4 and 5, similar and mostly API compatible, Note: This is currently a personal proof-of-concept project, and is not affiliated with…


jQuery Form to CSS Generator Builder Plugin

Create your own CSS generator with the Form to Builder plugin. It can be useful to create your own CSS generator, WordPress plugin, or any type of…