Vue Button With Slideout Loading Indicator Library

vue-loading-button is a straight Vuejs button with a loading indicator sliding into the button once you turn it on. Note: By default, this button component will apply…


[FAB] Angular Material Floating Action Speed Dial Button

FAB Material Quick Dial is a customizable FAB (floating action button) material component for Angular materials. In app.module.ts add the following modules to the imports array: MatButtonModule MatIconModule EcoFabSpeedDialModule Must Read:…


Html Button Styling Library by using CSS and jQuery

RxHTMLButton Library will work on nearly every HTML tag. It will work seamlessly on “href link“, “button type button“, “input type button“, “submit input type“, “div tag”…


Awesome Buttons Into Your Webpage Using Pure CSS | bttn.css

bttn.css is an awesome buttons for awesome projects library that helps you create different types with variable sizes and colors on web applications. Must Read: A Highly…


UI Button Selection Type Interaction with jQuery

UI button selection type is a user interface design concept of mobile button selection that allows the user to switch between options by clicking/clicking on the button….


Buttons for Web Design and Interaction | sbuttons

sbuttons is a simple button that you can easily use for your next project. This CSS library is for creating simple and customizable creative buttons for web…