Back to Top Button Using Vanilla Javascript | back2top.js

Back2Top Js is a small library for creating a back-to-the-top using Vanilla JavaScript. The small, configurable backup button appears automatically when scrolling down and hides automatically after…


Vue Button With Slideout Loading Indicator Library

vue-loading-button is a straight Vuejs button with a loading indicator sliding into the button once you turn it on. Note: By default, this button component will apply…


Bootstrap 5 spinner/loading/pending indicator Form Controls | Input Spinner

Bootstrap 5 spinner/loading/pending indicator for <input>, <extarea>, and <select>. Input Spinner is a CSS / SCSS library that allows you to display a floating and customizable cursor…


Simple Webpage Design to Get Button Ripple Effect on Click

The button ripple effect is a simple JavaScript implementation of the material design-inspired button ripple effect. Hone your skills by building 50 fast, unique, and fun mini-projects….


Vue.js Plugin That Handles Asynchronous Button | vue-promise-btn

vue-promise-btn is a Vue.js plugin that handles asynchronous lock buttons and shows a load status indicator. Features Easy-to-use API flexible use Works with any sign, even shapes…


[FAB] Angular Material Floating Action Speed Dial Button

FAB Material Quick Dial is a customizable FAB (floating action button) material component for Angular materials. In app.module.ts add the following modules to the imports array: MatButtonModule MatIconModule EcoFabSpeedDialModule Must Read:…