[Animation] Checkbox Check Card Interactions Using CSS

CodePen Home Checkbox card, CSS only validates card interactions that enable the user to select and deselect grid cards with a seamless scan and deselect animation. Must…


Multiple Easy Select Combo Box with Checkboxes | MSFmultiSelect

MSFmultiSelect is an easy-to-use multi-selection library for JavaScript, and it doesn’t need jQuery. This JavaScript library converts a regular selection item into an easy-to-use multiple-select combo box….


Bootstrap Data Table With Checkbox, Sort, Pagination, Export, DetailView, and More

Bootstrap spreadsheet is extended with radio, checkbox, sort, pagination, attachments, and other added features. Note: Bootstrap Table is licensed under the MIT License. Completely free, you can…


JQuery Toggle Switch Plug-in for Tailwind CSS

jQuery Tailwind Checkbox Toggle is a small and fast plugin from jQuery that helps developers create an on/off switch-based checkbox in the latest Tailwind CSS framework. Must…


[Zepto] A Simple and Fully Accessible Checkboxes and Radio Buttons | icheck

iCheck is Highly customizable checkboxes and radio buttons for jQuery and Zepto. This plugin allows you to create fully accessible touch checkboxes and radio buttons with 25 built-in…


Making the Radio & Checkbox into a Box with Pure CSS | boxed-check.css

BoxedCheck for Radio & Checkbox is a CSS library that turns regular checkboxes and radio buttons into selectable elements for a better user experience – 纯净的CSS将您的单选框和多选框美化成卡片形式. Make…