Simple and Animated Circular Progress Bar in SVG

A simple circular progress bar is a single call that works to multiple progress carousels. IntersectionObserver support, the animation starts when an individual graph appears in view….


jQuery To Create Circle Progress Bar With Percentage

circle-progress is a customizable jQuery plugin to visualize your digital data in an animated circular progress bar with or without percentage value. Features: Simple and easy to…


Simple Circle Progress Component Created For Angular Based On SVG Graphics

ng-circular-progress is a simple circular progression component built for angular based only on SVG graphics and has many options to customize it. ng-circle-progress angular, angular-svg-round-progressbar, ng-circle-progress example,…


JavaScript Library To Easily Create Animated Radial Progress Bars | ToxProgress

Toxprogress Library was made to create the animated radial progress bars. The goal of these radiological bars is to add a flowing way to show numbers/statistics on…


Radial Progress Bar Component for Vue.js

vue-radial-progress is a component of the Vue.js radial progress bar. Uses SVG and JavaScript to radially move the progress bar in a gradient. dynamic radial progress bar…