Easily Bind A Chart To The Data Stored In Vue.js Components


v-chart plugin is designed to allow Vue.js developers to integrate fully customizable and interactive charts into their applications. The plugin was built from the JavaScript library D3.js to process documents based on data. By linking data from your components, you can create complex charts and graphs that respond to changes in your application. Vue.js lifecycle … Read more

Javascript Library for Exporting SVG Charts from DOM | exportJS


An easy-to-use client-side Javascript library to export SVG graphics from webpages and download them as an SVG, PDF, or bitmap image (JPEG, PNG). Written in Vanilla JavaScript. It was originally created to export D3.js charts. The library is characterized by: Export SVG DOM object objects or SVG sequences to an SVG, PNG, JPEG, and PDF … Read more

Sunburst Chart D3 Component With Vue | Vue.D3.Sunburst


Vue.D3.Sunburst provides a reusable component for Vue sunburst charts based on D3.js. Sunburst is the main component of this library and renders a sunburst schema based on data brackets using the children property of the hierarchy, the name property of the label, and the size property of the parentheses size. sunburst chart js, plotly sunburst … Read more