A Customizable Calendar JavaScript UI Widget/Component Library


Color Calendar is a customizable event calendar component library. Flexible, customizable, and themed events calendar and month/year picker component written in Vanilla JavaScript. dynamic calendar in javascript with example responsive event calendar jquery, event calendar jquery, javascript event calendar source code, html event calendar code How to make use of it: 1. Install & import … Read more

Angular Datepicker And Date Range Picker | ng-mydatepicker


Angular data picker is a highly configurable datapicker and date range picker. The library is implemented as a directive. It is done this way because there are more options to configure it. mat date range picker, angular date range picker, mat date range input change event, angular datepicker example, angularmaterial datepicker format, mat datepicker toggle … Read more

A Simple Calendar Single Date Picker For Vue.js


Vue single date picker is a very simple data picker component where users can select a date from a clean calendar view. calendar date picker flutter, date picker in html, date picker material ui, jquery datepicker, vue datepicker example, v date picker, vue datepicker format [Year/Month/Day] Date Picker Validation | jquery.picky.js How to make use … Read more