Angular 2 Date Picker Component | angular2-datepicker


Angular2 Datepicker is an AngularJS component for creating a nice-looking small date picker for a modern web application. angular datepicker example, angular datepicker clear date, angular material datepicker, mat datepicker toggle click event, mat datepicker format ddmmyyyy How to make use of it: Installation: $ npm install angular2-datepicker –save clean date picker for angular, angular2 … Read more

Modern and Lightweight Angular Date Range Picker | ngx-aircal


ngx-aircal is a modern, configurable, and lightweight angular time range picker. angular date range picker example, ngx daterangepicker material, date range picker angular 8, angular date range picker npm, mat date range picker Date Range, Date and Time Picker JavaScript Component How to make use of it: Installations: npm install ngx-aircal –save Add the “NgxAircalModule” … Read more

Vuejs Material Date Range Picker | v-md-daterangepicker


v-md-date-range-picker is an easy date range picker for vue.js and Material Design that supports DateRange and Single Calendar Picker. vue material date range picker, v md date range picker, bootstrap vue date range picker, vuejs datetimepicker example, vue2 datepicker range How to make use of it: Install & Download: # NPM $ npm install v-md-date-range-picker … Read more

Developer-Friendly Date Picker Plugin In Pure Vanilla JavaScript


thedatepicker is a simple, customizable, and developer-friendly date picker plugin implemented in pure JavaScript. javascript date picker, stylish datepicker, customize date picker html, pure javascript datepicker, date picker examples How to make use of it: Insert the Stylesheet the-datepicker.css and JavaScript the-datepicker.js into the HTML file. <link href=”dist/the-datepicker.css” rel=”stylesheet” /> <script src=”dist/the-datepicker.js”></script> Create a standard … Read more

Simple Date and Time Selector Using Pure JavaScript | dtsel


dtsel is a simplified and easy to implement date and time picker (datetime selector) in regular JavaScript. date and time picker bs, date time picker, date time picker javascript, jquery datetimepicker, jquery date and time picker example code, date time picker html How to make use of it: 1. Import the dtsel’s JavaScript and CSS … Read more

A Small Vanilla JavaScript Custom Date Picker Plugin | datepicker.js


The custom date picker is a simple, lightweight, and configurable date picker that works with the input field and is written in pure JavaScript / CSS. simple javascript datepicker, date picker js code, simple js datepicker Customizable DateTime Picker JS Library | Rome.js How to make use of it: 1. Download the package and import … Read more

Calendar Date Picker Plugins In Vanilla JavaScript | CalendarPickerJS


Calendar Date Picker JavaScript –An easy yet fashionable and easy to use date picker with a monthly calendar. The simple and beautiful way to let the user choose a day! Date Range Picker Component-Based On Angular Material Calendar How to make use of it: 1. Add the Calendar Date Picker’s information to the webpage. <link … Read more

Full-featured jQueryUI Datepicker Plugin | RendezVous.js


RendezVous.js is a simple jQuery date picker plugin that allows you to select a date from the monthly calendar with many customization options. jquery datepicker example, jquery ui datepicker, jquery date range picker, jquery datepicker format, jquery datepicker cdn Angular Material Date Picker With Range Selection | saturn-datepicker How to make use of it: 1. … Read more

A Simple Calendar Single Date Picker For Vue.js


Vue single date picker is a very simple data picker component where users can select a date from a clean calendar view. calendar date picker flutter, date picker in html, date picker material ui, jquery datepicker, vue datepicker example, v date picker, vue datepicker format [Year/Month/Day] Date Picker Validation | jquery.picky.js How to make use … Read more

Simple and Lightweight Datetime Picker Component With JavaScript


DateTimePickerComponent is an extremely lightweight (less than 20 KB), dependency-free web component written in pure JavaScript. It supports subtitles, date formats, scoping, and broken dates. datepicker using javascript, date time picker javascript, datepicker in javascript, simple javascript date picker, vanilla javascript datetime picker DateTimePickerComponent exposes four different classes: DatePicker; DateTimePicker; DateRangePicker; DateTimeRangePicker. To-do list Provide … Read more