Easy-to-use Date Picker Component | Vueye Datepicker


Vueye Datepicker is a simple date picker built with Vue.js and the vue-configuration-api plugin. Keyword searches “date picker javascript, simple javascript date picker, date picker material ui, pure javascript datepicker” How to make use of it: Installation npm i vueye-datepicker –save Usage <template> <div id=”app”> <vueye-datepicker v-model=”date” color=”#4466ee” format=”dd/mm/yyyy”/> </div> </template> <script> import VueyeDatepicker from … Read more

A Vanilla JavaScript Date Picker Component | MCDatepicker


Vanilla JS Datepicker is a well-designed, fully responsive, highly customizable, framework-agnostic date and date range picker component written in vanilla JavaScript. javascript date picker, jquery datepicker, bootstrap datepicker, date picker in html, jquery date range picker, datepicker format More Features: 3 modes: modal, inline or permanent Custom Workday and Month Names. Allows you to add … Read more

Clean Vue Datepicker Component with Animations


Clean & smooth Vue date picker component with animations. vue datepicker, vue 3 datepicker on change, vue datepicker example, vue datepicker change event, vue date input How to make use of it: Usage <div id=”app”> <div class=”container”> <Calendar /> </div> </div> Vue.component(“calendar”, { template: ` <div class=”calendar”> <input type=”text” v-model=”date” @focus=”focus()” @blur=”blur()” placeholder=”Pick a date” … Read more

[a11y] Accessible Calendar and Datepicker Component for Vue


a11y-calendar is a Vue.js datepicker calendar component to deliver a responsive, dynamic, multilingual, month-based calendar on the app. It also comes with a Datepicker component to create an easy-to-use date picker on the app. vue datepicker, vue2 datepicker disable past dates, vue datepicker next, vue2 datepicker set date, vue3 datepicker example, livelybonevue datepicker, how to … Read more

Simple and Customizable Dropdown Datepicker Vue Component


Vue Dropdown Picker is a minimal clean date picker component where users can select a date and date range from linked dropdown lists. daterangepicker set start and end date, single calendar date range picker, date range picker two inputs, date range picker javascript, daterangepicker clear selected date How to make use of it: Install and … Read more

Simple Basic Date Picker For jQuery & AngularJS | Datepicker


DatePICKer is a simple lightweight JQUERY plugin that appends to date picker component of the date of cleaning date to your input box using Moment.js. It was also presented as a DatePicker unit for Angularjs. jquery datepicker, jquery datetimepicker example, jquery datepicker cdn, jquery calendar, how to add datepicker in jquery Easy-to-use Date Picker Component … Read more

Full-featured jQueryUI Datepicker Plugin | RendezVous.js


RendezVous.js is a simple jQuery date picker plugin that allows you to select a date from the monthly calendar with many customization options. jquery datepicker example, jquery ui datepicker, jquery date range picker, jquery datepicker format, jquery datepicker cdn Angular Material Date Picker With Range Selection | saturn-datepicker How to make use of it: 1. … Read more