Material Design Datetime Picker Component Plugin for Vuetify.js


vuetify-datetime picker is a component of Vue.js to create a beautiful material design style date and time picker with custom buttons/icons based on the Vuetify.js framework. material uipickers, material time picker android, date time picker, date range picker material ui, material ui time picker 24 hours How to make use of it: Installation npm install … Read more

Date and Time Picker Popup Using ngx-bootstrap Library


ngx-bootstrap-datetime-popup is a date and time popup picker using the angular ngx-bootstrap library. best date time picker angular, mat datetimepicker angular, time picker angular material, angular datepicker example, angular material time picker dropdown Note: Do not use 5.0.0 this is broken!! Please use 5.0.1+ with NGX-BOOTSTRAP 5.0.0+. If you require ngx-bootstrap v4+, keep using 4.3.0+. … Read more

A Simple and Easy jQuery Date and Time Picker | jSunPicker


jSunPicker is a brand new jQuery plugin used to create a highly configurable date and time picker on a web page. Supports all output formats and most input formats (for manually entering the date in the input element). Key Features: Allows the date and time picker to be linked to any DOM: the entry of … Read more

Mobile friendly DateTime Picker Modes for Vue


vue-datetime is a mobile compatible DateTime picker for Vue. Supports date and time modes, i18n, and more. modern datepicker javascript, mobile datepicker material ui, date and time picker html, vuejs datepicker mobile friendly, vue datetime picker format Customizable DateTime Picker JS Library | Rome.js How to make use of it: Install & Download: # Yarn … Read more

Simple and Lightweight Datetime Picker Component With JavaScript


DateTimePickerComponent is an extremely lightweight (less than 20 KB), dependency-free web component written in pure JavaScript. It supports subtitles, date formats, scoping, and broken dates. datepicker using javascript, date time picker javascript, datepicker in javascript, simple javascript date picker, vanilla javascript datetime picker DateTimePickerComponent exposes four different classes: DatePicker; DateTimePicker; DateRangePicker; DateTimeRangePicker. To-do list Provide … Read more