Vanilla JavaScript Detect Whether An Element Is Visible or Not | nowUseeMe


nowUseeMe is a vanilla JavaScript solution for detecting if an element is visible in the browser’s viewport. It also supports window scrolling events. check if element is visible javascript, js check if element is visible on screen, how to check if an element is visible on the web page How to make use of it: … Read more

Simple Vue.js Directive To Detect Outside Clicks | vue-closable


vue-closable – If you are looking for a quick way to detect clicks outside of an element in Vue, then this simple directive is what you need. detect click outside element vue js, javascript detect click outside element, click outside div, detect click outside element vuejs How to make use of it: Install & Download: … Read more

A Simple VueJS Component To Detect Offline & Online Changes


V-Offline is a simple VueJS component for detecting offline changes. Built from scratch, uses Vue 2 & Composition API with TypeScript. vue detect offline, javascript detect offline, vue offline, check if user is offline, v offline, vue pwa offline, detect slow internet connection react Features Detect offline & online events for your Vue app. Built … Read more

JavaScript Library To Automatically Detect And Extract An Image From A Screenshot | MagicCrop


MagicCrop is a JavaScript library to automatically detect and extracts an image from a screenshot. This library attempts to automate the process. Give it a screenshot containing an image, and it will magically detect the image’s cropped boundaries and output a new HTML element containing the cropped image. The algorithm is app/image neutral and has … Read more

🔛 Angular 5+ Detect Online/Offline State Javascript


ngx online status is an Angular 5+ Module to track online and offline state. online offline status, navigator online javascript, navigator online not working, onlineoffline indicator css, react check online status, navigator online not working in android Slim Progress Bars Library For Vanilla JavaScript | qier-progress How to make use of it: Install npm install … Read more

Detect Current Bootstrap 4 Breakpoint in JavaScript


bootstrap-detect-breakpoint is the current Bootstrap 4 breakpoint detection in JavaScript that detects BS4 breakpoints and returns an object containing the current breakpoint name (xl, lg, md, sm, xs) and index ( 0-4). bootstrap 4 javascript breakpoints, javascript detect breakpoint, javascript detect screen size responsive, bootstrap breakpoints, bootstrap detect screen size How to make use of … Read more

How to Detect User Inactivity Using Javascript | Idle Tracker


Javascript library to track browser inactivity – callback when user is idle. A small idle tracking library that tracks user interactions on the webpage and activates reconnection if the user becomes idle. how to detect user inactivity in windows, how to detect user inactivity in browser, how to detect idle time in javascript, react idle … Read more

JavaScript or jQuery Plugin That Renders The Most Visible Element


Most Visible is the JavaScript module and jQuery plugin which displays the most visible element from a given collection. check if element is visible in viewport, javascript check if element is in viewport scroll, how to check if an element is visible on the web page, check if div is in viewport How to make … Read more

Detect Click Outside An Element Using Javascript | when-clicked-outside


Add a clicks listener to activate callback everywhere on the window except for the item you chose. Pure JavaScript library that detects and executes a callback function when you click on the outside(when-clicked-outside) of a particular DOM. JS library, pass an element, and call this will start when you click anywhere other than the element. … Read more