Generate Pincode Input Component With JavaScript


Pincode input is a very useful pure JavaScript library for generating PIN code input and components to provide a cross-platform login experience for Pincode for your web applications. bs pincode input, npm pincode input, pin code input example, pincode input jquery, input pin code How to make use of it: 1. Install and import the … Read more

A Library of Pure Skeletons for DIV, Dynamic and Fully Customizable | css-skeletons.css


CSS Screen Skeleton Loader has generated an animated hierarchical preview of your web content with a single DIV element. It can be used as an interactive upload pointer when your content is uploaded into the file. skeleton loading css, bootstrap skeleton loading, skeleton css templates, skeleton css examples, skeleton loading js, skeleton css animation How … Read more

Pure JavaScript Library To Show Customizable Alert Notifications | Simple Notify


Simple Notify is a pure JavaScript library for showing nice alert notifications and is customizable for displaying toast-style alert popups on the page. Features: 4 built-in notification types. 2 animation: slice or fade. Refuses cars or not. Custom icon. Dedicated stand. And much more. How to make use of it: 1. Load the minified version … Read more