A Text Diff Component for Angular | ngx-text-diff


ngx-text-diff is a simple text diff component that is used with Angular and is based on the google match debugs library. javascript string diff library, ngx text diff library, angular text diff component, angular rich text diff npm, angular side by side diff, npm text diff in angular A JavaScript Library for Adding Context Menus … Read more

Javascript Diff Objects Viewer Plugin For Vue.js


Vue diff viewer plugin that can be used to compare the difference between code snippets. You can see the difference between the two icons using the vue-diff plugin. vue diff viewer example, javascript diff online, diff2html, javascript text diff, text diff npm, javascript diff objects, markdown diff tool Features Support split/combined mode Support for multiple … Read more

[GitHub] Pretty Diff to HTML Javascript Library | diff2html


diff2html.js is a small JavaScript library used to create a Github-style HTML teams tool with syntax highlighting for git diff output. Features: Supports unified git and Diffs Line by line and side by side diff New and old-line numbers Fonts that have been inserted and removed Github is like the visual style Highlight the syntax … Read more