A Library to Enable Auto-Disable Options When Submitting a Form | jQuery Disable With


jquery-disable-with is a jQuery add-on to enable automatically disable options when submitting a form in data disable attributes. This plugin automatically disables the submit button within your HTML form to prevent double-clicking or multiple form submissions. The plugin also has the ability to change the button text while the submit button is clicked. how to … Read more

How to Disable Text Selection on an HTML Web Page using JQuery?


Disable select and copy-paste on the website with Jquery that prevents content from being stolen from your website with unselectable HTML attribute, CSS user-selectable property, and JavaScript select start event. disable text selection jquery, enable text selection javascript, how to disable text selection in web page, disable text selection css, disable text selection html, disable … Read more

Disable Autofill and Auto-Complete Functions Of The Form | disableautofill.js


disableautofill.js is the easiest solution to disable autofill auto-complete functions in Google Chrome. This jQuery / Vanilla JS plugin is lightweight to disable autofill and auto-complete functions in Google Chrome. How it really works: Replace type = “password” with type = “text”. [1] Replace the password text with asterisks. Add the auto-complete = “off” attribute … Read more