Create a Horizontal Timeline Using jQuery plugin | timeline.js


jQuery Timeline, you can easily create two types of horizontal timelines with this plugin. Timeline.js helps you display horizontal timelines, browser, responsive bar, and point/line style from dynamic data objects. Supported browsers jQuery.Timeline version 2.x supports the following browsers: PC Mobile Ok Ok Ok Non-compliant Ok Ok Ok Ok Unfortunately, as with Internet Explorer, etc., … Read more

Implement Drag, Drop, and Sortable Behaviors jQuery UI | agnostic-draggable


agnostic-draggable is an undefined set of libraries that implement drag, drop, and sort behaviors inspired by jQuery UI. To enable the drag function on any DOM. Move a Draggable by clicking and dragging it anywhere inside the viewport. Converts items into areas that can be dropped or dropped. This means that Draggable Controlled items can … Read more

[Object Exporter] JavaScript Object to CSV creator, Xls, PDF, DOC, and DOM to HTML | JsObjExporter


A small JavaScript plugin to create PDF, XLS, CSV, and DOC files from a JavaScript or DOM-only element from the frontend! JsObjExporter is a lightweight and fast JS library used to dynamically generate files from a collection of JavaScript objects. A jQuery Parsing And Displaying CSV Files Plugin | jquery-csv How to make use of … Read more

A Powerful and Simple Javascript Library History for Undo/Redo Functionality


UndoRedo.js is a powerful and simple JavaScript library that provides archives of the undo/redo function and applies undo and redo functions to text fields. The plugin provides a history function that records what you’ve written for undo and redo functions. Usage: This package is useful for any step-by-step task, for example: Undo / redo function … Read more

Pure JavaScript Solution for Creating Tags Input Element


Tags Input Library is a small JavaScript plug-in that converts a regular input field into a tagging system for easier tag input. Tag Cloud Plugin For jQuery Shows Larger Tags | jquery.tagcloud How to make use of it: Create a normal text area on the web page. <input type=”text” id=”example”> Include the JavaScript file ‘tags-input.js’ … Read more

An Animation Library Based on Small But Powerful CSS Transitions | Anim-x


Anim-x animation is identified by a name and applied to an element by adding or removing categories respectively. This animation library helps you easily control CSS-enabled animations applied to DOM elements. Anim-x’s goal is to organize these classes to allow flexible use of these animation classes. Declarative shared-element Transitions Between Pages for Vue.js How to … Read more

JavaScript Library For Colorful Shadows for Your Images | cosha


Cosha lets you add colorful shades to your photos and this JavaScript library applies colored shadows to an image by cloning, blurring, and positioning the image behind the original image. Easy Text Shadow With Long Shadow jQuery Plugin | jquery.longShadow How to make use of it: 1. Install and import the Cosha as an ES … Read more

Add/Remove DOM Items With Renaming Form Elements | dynamicrows


jQuery plugin to add/remove rows by cloning existing rows/renaming form elements. Dynamicrows is a small jQuery extension that makes it possible to clone and remove any object in a table row with just one click. Key Features: Allows reproducing values typed into form fields. Allows table rows to fade in / out when adding/removing. Callback … Read more

JavaScript Library To Make DOM Elements “Scroll To Show” | scrollShow.js


ScrollShow is a JavaScript library to make DOM elements “scrollable for view“. If we want the DOM elements to remain hidden initially and become visible only when the user passes them to the viewport. fade in one by one jquery, scrollable horizontally or vertically using mouse drag, fade in down animation css, css animation fade … Read more

Sleek Touch-enabled Multi-Selection Library | Selection.js


Touch-enabled Multi-Selection – Selection.js is a pure JavaScript library which permits the sleek, touch-friendly selectable performance on a bunch of DOM elements. A simple and lightweight library for realizing visual DOM choices, like the desktop. There is no jQuery. Supports any CSS library, for example, bootstrap. Including support for vertical and horizontal scrolling. Features: Supports touch … Read more