Angular Library For Creating Beautiful Data Charts | NgxBeautifulCharts


NgxBeautifulCharts is an Angular library for creating charts in your app. Graphics are customizable and aesthetic. Many charts that other Angular chart libraries do not provide, such as Sunburst Chart, Gantt Chart, and Timeline Chart are offered by Ngx Beautiful Charts. angular material charts, ngx charts, angular material charts and graphs, angular chart npm, best … Read more

Simplest Reactive Charts For The Vue.js | vue-chartless


vue-chartless is a simple interactive chart component that supports pie and bar charts. vue chartjs doughnut chart, vue bar chart example, vue chart js dynamic data, chartjs area chart, vue bar graph, vue chartjs resize, v chart vue How to make use of it: Install npm i vue-chartless Usage <!– Vue component –> <template> <div> … Read more

Animated Ring Donut Graph jQuery Plugin with D3.js


donutgraph.js is Animated Donut Graph which is a jQuery plugin built on D3.js. They add an interactive and fun element to your infographics that will keep your users engaged. animated donut chart, how to build a circle donut chart with css, free donut chart templates, animated donut chart jquery, 3d donut chart, donut chart html … Read more

A Small Library for Pie & Ring (Donut) Chart JavaScript Library |


Charty is a simple library for drawing pie and donut charts that helps to draw pie and donut charts using plain JavaScript and CSS. No SVG and Canvas is required. To use it, just link the library to <script src=”charty.js”> and between the  <header> tag, link the CSS file  <link rel=”stylesheet” rel=”charty.css” (you can specify your … Read more

A Lightweight Vue Component For Drawing Pure CSS Donut Charts


CSS Donut Chart is a lightweight vue component for drawing donut charts on applications using CSS. Compatible with both Vue 3 and Vue.2. css donut chart js, vue css donut chart, donut pie chart css animation, svg donut chart, donut chart html css javascript, svg donut chart Angular Library For Creating Beautiful Data Charts | … Read more