Javascript Library for Exporting SVG Charts from DOM | exportJS


An easy-to-use client-side Javascript library to export SVG graphics from webpages and download them as an SVG, PDF, or bitmap image (JPEG, PNG). Written in Vanilla JavaScript. It was originally created to export D3.js charts. The library is characterized by: Export SVG DOM object objects or SVG sequences to an SVG, PNG, JPEG, and PDF … Read more

Download Multiple Files at Once in the Browser | multi-download


Multi Downloader is a pure JavaScript library that allows the user to download and rename multiple files from the browser at once. download multiple files from url list, download multiple files at once, download multiple files from website, download all files from a website, download multiple files javascript How to make use of it: Install … Read more

Simple Modular Download Script For Vanilla JavaScript | modularDownload.js


modularDownload.js is a simple vanilla JavaScript modular download script. Combine multiple files into a zip file. javascript module example, js modules, module exports javascript, script typemodule, script typemodule not working, javascript modules es6, javascript plugins free download How to make use of it: 1. Load the necessary JavaScript and CSS files into the document. <!– … Read more

A JavaScript Library For Optimizing HTML Pages With Video Content | js-vido


js-vido – JavaScript Video Download Optimizer is a JavaScript library to optimize HTML pages with video content that prevents videos from being uploaded to mobile devices. Video download optimizer that prevents videos from being uploaded automatically to mobile and shows poster images instead. Prevents videos with the “video enhancement” category from downloading to mobile devices … Read more

A Javascript Library That Discourages and Prevents Image Theft/Download | ProtectImage.js


ProtectImage.js is a Javascript library that helps prevent image theft by disrupting traditional user interactions to download/copy images. This is useful for copyrighted images. ProtectImage.js uses the HTML5 CanvasAPI and the Protected Image theme to protect your images. It disables and prevents the client from downloading, copying, and duplicating image titles by transferring the image … Read more