Full-Size Drag-and-Drop Draggable Event Calendar Plugin | fullcalendar


FullCalendar is a full-sized drag-and-drop JavaScript event calendar. The Complete Calendar is a lightweight yet powerful JS library that makes it easy for developers to create flexible and draggable event calendars on the modern web app. With AJAX, FullCalendar can fetch events on the go for each month and can be easily configured to use … Read more

Easy To Use Drag and Drop Library | dropzone.js


Dropzone.js is a JavaScript library that converts any HTML element into a drop zone. This means that the user can drag and drop a file on it, and the file gets uploaded to the server via XHR. The file is either uploaded directly to the configured URL, or you can handle and manage the file … Read more

Advanced Vue Drag-and-drop Component-Based On Sortable.js


A Vue Dragable (Vue.js 2.0) or directive (Vue.js 1.0) component that allows drag-and-drop and synchronization with the view-model. Based on and providing all the features of Sortable.js. vue draggable example, vue draggable resizable, drag and drop touch screen javascript, html touch drag event, html5 touch drag and drop, vuedraggable, vue draggable npm JavaScript Library That … Read more

Drag-n-Drop Subscription Email Editor Component for Angular


Angular Email Editor is an excellent drag-and-drop email editor made by Unlayer as an Angular envelope component. This is the most powerful and developer-friendly visual email generator for your app. angular email editor npm github, drag and drop email builder open source, drag and drop templates, drag and drop wysiwyg editor, angular email template builder, … Read more

Drag and Drop Scheduling Lite Support On Vue.js


Vue Scheduler lite is a dynamic, scalable, drag and touch scheduling component for Vue.js applications. drag and drop scheduler free, drag and drop scheduling, drag and drop calendar, javascript drag and drop scheduler, task scheduler template, excel task scheduler How to make use of it: Install and download: # NPM $ npm install vue-scheduler-lite –save … Read more

A Vue Library for Draggable & Sortable Drag and Drop | dndrop


vue-dndrop is a fast and lightweight drag-and-drop library for Vue.js with many configuration options, covering multiple scenarios. sortablejs, sortablejs examples, jquery sortable div drag and drop, sortablejs cdn, sortable list, bootstrap sortable list, jquery draggable, drag and drop html, html drag and drop example, drag and drop javascript How to make use of it: Install … Read more

A Simple JS Library For Handling Drag and Drop On Elements | sbDraggable


sbDraggable is a simple standalone no dependency draggable JavaScript library for handling drag and drop on any elements. javascript drag and drop from one list to another, make a sortable list with draggable items using javascript, drag and drop javascript, drag and drop javascript github, javascript drag and drop example How to make use of … Read more

Enable HTML5-Based Drag-and-Drop Functionality In The List of Items | jQuery DragNDrop


jQuery DragNDrop is to enable the drag and drop functionality in the list of items. DragNDrop is a jQuery plugin that allows you to rearrange an ordered (or unordered) HTML list using drag and drop. Without the need for jQuery UI. html sort select options, html sort list, html sort list by date, how to … Read more

JavaScript Vanilla Library To Create A Drop Zone For Input File Element | DnD Zone


DnD Zone is a JavaScript library that converts a file input¬†into a file drop zone where you can specify the files to upload by drag and drop. If you are looking for a simple script that contains a drop area for the input file for your form, the DnD area can help. Other than that, … Read more