Super Easy to Set Up Drag and Drop with Vanilla Javascript | dragula.js


Dragula, it includes support for Framework Vanilla JavaScript, Angular, and React. Browser support includes both the sane browser and IE7 +. dragula.js is a simple, dependency-free, touch-enabled JavaScript library that provides drag-and-drop functionality for DOM elements. Features: Very easy to set up No bloated dependencies Plots the sort order on its own Shadow, where the … Read more

Smart Guides for Draggable & Resizable Elements jQueryUI


jQueryUI smart guides for drag-and-drop objects. jQuery extension to the jQuery UI library to create drag and resize elements using smart visual guides while dragging and resizing. indesign smart guides, smart guides indesign shortcut, smart guides indesign greyed out, smart guides disappeared indesign, indesign make guides from shape How to make use of it: 1. … Read more

jQuery Plugin To Manually Move Table Rows and Columns | tableDragAndDrop


tableDragAndDrop is a jQuery plugin that allows you to make table rows/columns drag and drop by right or left click. jquery table row drag and drop plugin, jquery drag and drop table cells, jquery draggable table row, drag and drop table cells using jquery, jquery sort table by column value How to make use of … Read more

Customizable, Draggable, and Infinitely Looping Carousels | Jelly Slider


Jelly Slider is a small jQuery slider plugin for creating customizable, draggable carousels and infinite loops in an easy way. jquery banner slider, jquery slider carousel, jquery carousel slider example, responsive slider, jquery image slider plugin, jquery slider plugin, jquery image slider code How to make use of it: 1. Insert the required JavaScript and … Read more

Input Number That Increments/Decrements Value Dragging Up/Down


A draggable input component that increments/decrements values by dragging up and down. vue draggable resizable, vue draggable examples, vue draggable npm, vue draggable options, vue draggable vuetify, vue draggable change event How to make use of it: Installation: npm install vue-draggable-input 1. Then register the library as a plugin to register the component globally: import … Read more

Drag & Drop for Angular-based on HTML5 | ng-drag-drop


Drag and drop for Angular, based on HTML5 with no external dependencies. Provides drag and drop directions. html5 drag and drop multiple elements, drag and drop library angular, drag and drop library react, javascript drag and drop example, drag and drop cards javascript Features: Transfer data from draggable to dropable. Drop restriction based on drag … Read more

Draggable List View Written in JavaScript/TypeScript


native-js-dnd-list is an ES6 JavaScript library for creating a list view where users can resort list items by dragging and dropping written in TypeScript without dependencies. Supports mobile devices. javascript draggable list, sortable js, javascript drag and drop list, draggable js examples, drag and drop sortable list, html5 drag and drop list example, drag and … Read more

A Simple Vue Drag Selector Component Library


Drag-Selector is a Vue.js component that allows the visitor to select multiple items by dragging with the mouse. drag select javascript, npm drag to select, react native drag and select, vue js drag to select, react table drag select How to make use of it: Install npm i vue-drag-selector // main.js import VueDragSelector from “vue-drag-selector”; … Read more

Vue Component for Designing Grid Layouts with SortableJS


Vue Grid Designer is a Vue 2.x component for designing grid layouts using Sortable.js. Build a responsive grid based on rows and blocks using HTML5 drag and drop. A JSON form can be used to create an actual HTML grid using any CSS framework you choose or saved to a database for later use. sortable … Read more

HTML5 Drag and Drop Implementation Made for Vue


vue-draggable library is a native HTML5 drag and drops implementation made for VueJS 2+. drag and drop library react, best drag and drop libraries, draggable js examples, drag and drop cards javascript, interact js, draggable npm Multiple callbacks available for useonDragstart, onDrop, onDragend. onDragend is always triggered even if item is dropped in invalid dropzone. onDrop is triggered only … Read more