Full-Size Drag-and-Drop Draggable Event Calendar Plugin | fullcalendar

FullCalendar is a full-sized drag and drops JavaScript event calendar. The Complete Calendar is a lightweight yet powerful js library that is easy for developers to create…


Drag/Resize/Rotate Javascript Library | Subjx

Subjx(dragging/resizing/rotating) is a JavaScript library that enables easy rotation, resizing, and drag-drop functionality for HTML elements and/or SVG objects. A touch-enabled, resizable, draggable library for creating drag-and-drop…


A Draggable Sortable Nested Tree Component Library | he-tree-vue

he tree is a draggable, sortable vue tree component, with a dragged placeholder, and defining types. Features Including functions for folding and checkbox. You can easily customize…


jQuery Nested Sortable Draggable With Vanilla JavaScript Library

Nested Sort is a JavaScript library that helps you sort a nested list of items by dragging and dropping. Unfortunately, it does not support touch screens yet….


Jquery UI Sort Plugin For Easy Sortable Tree-Type Structure | treeSortable

JQuery is a sortable tree plug-in that enables the user to reorder items in a menu tree by drag and drop. Based on jQuery UI sortable functionality….


Angular 7/8 Virtual Scroll Table With Draggable Pagination Dynamic Component

ng-virtual-table Angular 7/8 Virtual Scroll Table with dynamic component support, draggable, filtering, sorting, pagination, scalable, and custom per-column configuration. Must Read: Angular JS Material Mat Table Vertical…