Dragging List Sorter in Vanilla JavaScript


Sorter is a small, sortable JavaScript library that allows for drag-and-drop sorting of list items. You can rearrange any items inside the parent node using the “pull-sort-enable” class or anything with the handleDrag() and handleDrop() event functions. Your queries: make a sortable list with draggable items using javascript, javascript drag and drop from one list … Read more

Drag and Drop Elements and Sort Lists | draganddrop.js


Drag and Drop jQuery plugin to allow element dragging and dropping, sorting lists, and other nested structures. draganddrop.js is a jQuery drag-and-drop plugin that enables sortable and draggable functions on any DOM objects without the need for the jQuery UI library. Supports single items, nested items, and grouped lists. Compatible with touch devices and desktop … Read more

A Lightweight Draggable Animations To Any HTML Block Plugin | Dragging.js


Dragging.js is a lightweight jQuery component that converts any HTML block into a draggable block. This is a small jQuery plugin that applies configurable transition effects to your elements as you drag them. draggable element, draggable element jquery, jquery draggable on drag event, element drag event, jquery draggable and droppable div example How to make … Read more