Input Number That Increments/Decrements Value Dragging Up/Down


A draggable input component that increments/decrements values by dragging up and down. vue draggable resizable, vue draggable examples, vue draggable npm, vue draggable options, vue draggable vuetify, vue draggable change event How to make use of it: Installation: npm install vue-draggable-input 1. Then register the library as a plugin to register the component globally: import … Read more

Wheel Style DateTime Picker Component Vue Library | Drumroll


Vue drumroll datetime picker is an iOS-inspired wheel component for Vue.js’ date and time picker. Roller selectable date picker by scrolling and dragging. vue time picker, ios picker example, ios time picker figma, ios time picker wheel, ios picker wheel datetime wheel picker random wheel picker, wheel date picker android github How to make use … Read more

Angular 2+ Directive Based On HTML 5 Native Drag Drop API


dragdrop is a simple Angular 2+ directive based on the native HTML 5 drag-and-drop API. angular 2 drag and drop example, angular drag and drop without material, angularmaterial drag and drop codesandbox, angular material drag and drop save position Drag and Drop Elements and Sort Lists | draganddrop.js How to make use of it: 1. … Read more

jQuery Plugin For Dragging Elements With CSS3 Transforms | DragMe


jQuery DragMe is a very lightweight jQuery plugin for dragging elements using CSS3 transforms. This plugin is not intended to be a dropdown replacement for jQuery UI’s draggable, but rather a small plugin to make some elements draggable on the page, i.e. modal windows. jquery drag and drop example, jquery drag and drop in specific … Read more