A Short and Powerful Infinite Scroll List Library for Angular


ngx-infinite-scroll-list is an endless short pass list from Infinite for Angular, with zero dependencies. ngx infinite scroll, angular infinite scroll, angular infinite scroll table, angular infinite scroll example, scroll directive angular, infinite scroll in angular, ngx infinite scroll demo Features: Tiny and Tependner Free – only 3 kbGeded Providing millions of elements, without breaking a … Read more

A Lightweight and Powerful Particle Animation Javascript Library | Proton.js


Proton is an animation library of lightweight and powerful JavaScript particles and easily use it to create a variety of cool particle effects. particle animation js, pure css particle animation, html5 canvas particle animation and parallax demo, particles js examples, particles js alternative How to make use of it: 1. Install and import the proton-engine. … Read more

(<3kb)🐿 Super Easy and Lightweight JavaScript CSS Animation Library | AniX.js


AniX is a lightweight and easy-to-use animation library with excellent performance and good compatibility with modern browsers. AniX is less than 3K (gzip) in size only. It achieves almost the same effect as any other huge library of animation. Uses a native CSS transition theme, better than js simulation animation performance. You can also enable … Read more