A jQuery Single/Multi-Select Plugin | sumoselect

jquery.sumoselect is a jQuery plugin that incrementally improves the HTML select box in a dropdown for single/multiple options. The dropdown can be fully customizable with simple CSS….


Optimized for Bootstrap 5 Dropdown Select Box | dselect

dselect is a JavaScript library that adds advanced features (such as direct search, dynamic generation, and field validation) to native Bootstrap 5 select boxes. Features: Placeholder Multiple…


Bootstrap 4 Dropdown Plugin with jQuery | Bootstrap-Select

Bootstrap-select is a jQuery plugin that uses the Bootstrap.js dropdown menu to design and offer add-ons to standard selection elements. JQuery plugin that brings select items into…


A JavaScript Dropdown Menu Plugin with Virtual Scrolling

Virtual Select is to replace the high-performance material design style checkbox that supports single/multiple selections, virtual scrolling, live search, and dynamic data rendering. Features: Support more than…


jQuery Plugin for Autocomplete Fuzzy Searches | fuzzycomplete

fuzzycomplete is a jQuery plugin for fuzzy autocomplete form search, which uses Fuse.js. Leveraging the flexibility of Fuse.js, this plugin allows you to do cool things, such…


Multiple Select Dropdowns With Filter jQuery Plugin

Filter jQuery multi-selection plugin that turns a regular checkbox into an easy-to-use, filterable multiple-selection drop-down list where users can select one or more options by selecting checkboxes….