Animated Dropdown Menu With jQuery/Javascript | IA-DROPDOWN


IA-DROPDOWN is a javascript library, powered by jquery, for creating interactive, animated dropdowns. An animated and highly customizable jQuery menu plugin that uses CSS3 transitions for smooth animations and uses a CSS3 transform-origin for transitions. animated dropdown menu, css dropdown animation examples, css dropdown animation on hover, css dropdown animation on click How to make … Read more

jQuery Plugin for Single-level Dropdown Menu | Dropit


Dropit is a jQuery plugin for creating a simple clean dropdown toggle appending any HTML elements. Useful for creating action lists for web/mobile applications. jquery dropdown menu onclick, jquery dropdown menu on hover, jquery onclick dropdown menu example, jquery dropdown select, responsive dropdown menu jquery How to make use of it: 1. Include dropit.css inside … Read more

jQuery Plugin That Replaces Select Elements with Customizable Dropdowns | Nice Select


jQuery Nice Select is a lightweight jQuery plugin that replaces the original select elements with customizable dropdowns. nice select with search option, nice select examples, jquery nice select with search, nice select with image, nice select css cdn, nice select search How to make use of it: 1. Add references to nice-select.css and nice-select.js. <!– … Read more