Click Effect Inspired By Google’s Material Design | Wave.js


Wave.js is a standalone JS library to create Google 3D design style click effects on any Html elements. HTML elements can be buttons, icons, images, DIV elements, or any other embedded elements. googles material design, material design android, material design components, material design icons, material icons, angular material design How to make use of it: … Read more

SVG Filters to Create a Morphing Text Effect JavaScript


Text Morph is a project that uses JavaScript SVG filters to create a “Morphing Text” effect. It layers two text elements on top of each other and blurs them based on which text element should be more visible. Once the opacity is applied, both texts are fed through a threshold filter together, producing a “gooey” … Read more

A Simple & Lightweight Ripple Effect Plugin | jquery-waves


jQuery Waves is a small jQuery plugin that’s inspired by Material Design, click/tap double effect triggered any DOM elements within the document. pure css ripple effect, water ripple animation css, ripple animation css, ripple animation after effects, material ripple effect, jquery ripple effect, css hover wave effect JavaScript Library to Realistic Water Ripple Effect Using … Read more

A Simple Javascript Plugin to Create the Tilt Effect | SimpleTilt.js


SimpleTilt.js is a simple javascript plugin to create the tilt effect. SimpleTilt is a JS for small object animation that applies a subtle 3D Parallax tilt effect to any element using transformations and CSS3 perspective. tilt hover effect, image tilt effect css, css rotate animation, transform css, transform rotate css, css transform 3d How to … Read more

Dropdown Menu With Folding/Unfolding Effects | Folding Paper Menu


Folding Paper Menu to create a dropdown menu that allows the user to reveal menu items with collapsible effects just as they would on a piece of paper. multi level dropdown side menu, jquery multi level slide menu, multi level responsive menu jquery, best jquery menu plugins, full width menu jquery, jquery dropdown menu, jquery … Read more

A JavaScript Library Of Text Effects Like Flash Content | ShuffleText


shuffle-text.js is a pure JavaScript library that renders your text letter by letter with random animations like the awesome legacy of Flash. how to create a cool appearing text effect in flash, text animation in flash, flash animation examples How to make use of it: Install it through NPM: $ npm install shuffle-text Just import … Read more

Collection of Different CSS-Powered Transitions | sunset.css


Sunset.css is a CSS library that provides an easy way to implement CSS3-supported transition effects on elements. Transition Effects Included: Border transitions: up, down, clockwise, etc. Background transitions: easy entry and exit, bounce in, to/from the center, etc. 2D Transitions: grow and shrink, pulse, move, rotate, skew, wobble, etc Shadow effects Image transitions Effects of … Read more