jQuery to Table Filter / Search for Elements | Filterable


Filterable-Table uses the jQuery implementation of a table filter that enables a search entry to filter table data at the key. Throughout each table, rows to check if there are any text values that match the value of the input field. The toggle method hides the row (display: none) that doesn’t match the search. We … Read more

A Lightweight JavaScript Library That Specifies The Height Of The Element | true-height.js


true-height.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that specifies the height of the element to be equivalent to the height of the internal browser. When you set your landing page height to 100vh, it will adjust the landing page height to the device screen size without taking into account the height of the internal browser. This … Read more

Makes UI Elements Scalable To Fit The Container Area


Makes UI elements scalable to fit the container’s region library that dynamically changes the size of any element while preserving the original aspect ratio and alignment within the original container. css transform scale dynamically, css calculate height dynamically based on another element, div scale to fit content, css width relative to another element, css transform … Read more

jQuery Plugin For Dragging Elements With CSS3 Transforms | DragMe


jQuery DragMe is a very lightweight jQuery plugin for dragging elements using CSS3 transforms. This plugin is not intended to be a dropdown replacement for jQuery UI’s draggable, but rather a small plugin to make some elements draggable on the page, i.e. modal windows. jquery drag and drop example, jquery drag and drop in specific … Read more

A JavaScript Utility For Measuring The Spacing Between Elements On A Web Page


Spacing JS is a JavaScript utility for measuring the spacing between elements on a web page. It is meant to be used during development only. css space between elements in div, html space between elements, html horizontal spacing between elements, css space between elements flex, html space between elements in div How to make use … Read more

Fades Elements In/Out of View on Page Scroll | ScrollFade.js


ScrollFade is used to hide items in and out of view while scrolling through the page. Mark any elements you want to fade using class scrollFade and add the following CSS and JS themes to your website. fade in div when scrolled into view, fade in and out on scroll css, fade in on scroll … Read more

Easy to Use Element Print Plugin for jQuery


jQuery.print is a plugin for printing certain parts of a page. Print is an easy and simple jQuery plugin that allows the visitor to print only the selected region of your web page. jquery print section of page, print another page using jquery, jquery print div, jquery print page number, jquery print popup window, jquery … Read more