jQuery Ellipsis Text Truncation Tooltip Plugin | ellipsisTooltip


jQuery ellipsis tooltip plugin that cuts long text strings to fit on a single line, and displays overflow text in a tooltip on mouseover. It is based on the Bootstrap framework. jquery truncate string, jquery truncate text with ellipsis, jquery truncate text and expand, jquery trim string after character, remove &nbsp from string jquery How … Read more

Angular Truncate Text To A Specific Numer Of Lines | ngx-line-truncation


Ngx Line Truncation is a line truncation app for Angular that truncates text by the user-specified line number. In addition to Line Truncation, this package contains a few performance improvements to not only improve usability but also reliability in the Angular platform. It uses retry logic to ensure we get the client height text block … Read more

One-Line Clipped With An Ellipsis and Displays a Tooltip When Scrolling | Hover Truncated


jQuery Hover Truncated is a simple jQuery extension that truncates text into a single line broken with an ellipsis and displays a tooltip when scrolling. Hover Truncated is a responsive jQuery text truncation plugin that shortens long text content and replaces hidden overflow content with an ellipsis. In addition, users can view the original text … Read more