[Browser] jQuery Shell Terminal Emulator Plugin | Shelly


Shelly is a simple jQuery extension for web-based terminal emulators. xtermjs, embed terminal in web page, fake terminal website, web based ssh client, embed linux terminal in web page, xterm js example, terminal in browser Create Custom HTML Terminals With Pure JavaScript | shell.js How to make use of it: 1. Load the shelly.js plugin … Read more

[Command] Creating Web-Based Terminals | jQuery Terminal Emulator


jQuery Terminal Emulator is a plugin for creating command-line compilers in your applications. It can automatically call JSON-RPC service when the user is typing commands or you can provide your own function with which you can analyze user commands. [Reactive] A JQuery Terminal Style Shell-Like Form | Contact rform How to make use of it: … Read more

Pure Simple and Lightweight JS Terminal Emulator | ttty.js


ttty.js is a simple and lightweight Terminal ‘emulator‘ of TypeScript which emulates the terminal behavior of the browser. Featuring: Tiny, dependency-free and built with modern JS Easy-to-add custom commands Events Command history A help message Command arguments with validation Interruptable “foreground process” imitation Small but powerful API Browser compatibility ttty was designed and distributed with … Read more