Multi-Browser, Mobile-Compatible Drag-and-Drop JavaScript Library | Drog.js


Drog.js is a fast, multi-browser, mobile-compatible drag-and-drop library for JavaScript. draggable js examples, javascript drag and drop list, draggable js tutorial, interact js drag and drop example, drag and drop library, javascript drag and drop file How to use it? Import the JavaScript library Drog.js wherever you want in the document before using it. How … Read more

Detect Device / Browser / Viewport Information With Using Device JS


Device.js is a JavaScript library for discovering device, display window, and browser information using regular JavaScript. A useful small library, to get some device features, like different widths, heights, orientation, full screen, mobile or desktop, the height of navigation bar, etc. How to make use of it: 1. Import the Device.js JavaScript library into the … Read more