Global Keyboard Shortcut Event Handler | Shortcut.js


Shortcut.js is a JavaScript ES6 component that provides a global keyboard event handler. This way one can announce and interact with any combination of keys. It also provides several useful methods for handling registered keyboard events. With ~ 5Ko Mini, Shortcut.js is designed to be stable and stay as light as possible. It should be … Read more

Styling and Colorful Logs in Browser Console | Logger.js


Logger.js is an ES6 JavaScript module that provides unified console output across Firefox and Chromium browsers. It handles standard bugs raised for example, with new bugs (), and is also capable of handling custom bugs to suit your application’s needs. With ~ 3Kb mini, Logger.js is designed to be stable and stay as light as … Read more

A Free and Light Notification handler Library | Notification.js


Notification.js is a standalone ES6 module that lets you easily handle multiple notifications of different types at the same time. It features a lot of options so you can customize it. How to make use of it: 1. Load the mandatory stylesheet notification.min.css within the doc. <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”./dist/notification.min.css” /> 2. Import the Notification.js. import … Read more