A Simple and Modern Event Calendar In jQuery | Evo-Calendar


Evo-calendar is a flexible and fully customizable responsive calendar plug-in to display events in a responsive and modern-looking calendar interface. Key Features: Responsive calendar (desktop, tablet, and mobile) Add, remove, and view single/multiple calendar events Set event type (event, holiday, birthday) Events and styles that make you think outside the box! How to make use … Read more

Angular Image Load Detector with Progress Events


Image load detector with progress events, implemented in Angular. Routing can now be integrated (new) Detects image loading of all images within an element and broadcasts angular progression events Works with ng-repeat. It can be used on different items No need to worry about inserting asynchronous image elements into the DOM How to make use … Read more

An alternative to the Chozen Select Boxes Jquery Plugin | BSelect


Bselect is a jQuery plugin that builds a custom HTML checkbox with search and inputs the specified value in the hidden input field for further use. BSelect works perfectly with 10k + options (items) without any lag. The plugin dynamically displays a high-performance, customizable, searchable, and easy-to-use drop-down menu of an object of options. The … Read more

Adds Long-Press or Hold Event to DOM in Pure JavaScript


long-press-event is a 1k script that adds a long event to the DOM using CustomEvent and a pure JavaScript library that detects and handles a long press/click event on a specific DOM (or the entire document). Supports both desktop and mobile. It works in IE9 +, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari as well as popular mobile … Read more