View Table and Cards with Animated Transitions | Isomorphic-Table-Cards


Isomorphic-Table-Cards is a Vanilla JavaScript library that allows you to switch between Table View and Grid View with a smooth transition effect. How to make use of it: 1. Insert the primary script isomorphic-table-cards.js into the doc. <script src=”js/isomorphic-table-cards.js”></script> 2. Define your information for the Table/Grid view. var data = [ { “name”: “Amazonite”, “chakra”: … Read more

jQuery UI widget for Style Color Picker Plugin | evol.colorpicker


evol-colorpicker is a web color picker similar to the one in Microsoft Office 2010. It can be used inline or as a popup associated with a text box. It comes with several color palettes, can keep track of selection history and supports “transparent” color. It is a complete jQuery UI tool, supporting various configurations and … Read more