A JavaScript Library That Offers Interactive Lists | ListExtender.js


ListExtender.js is a simple JavaScript library for manipulating lists that can be used to add, remove, edit, sort, check or have items in List view. Features: Double-click the menu items to edit them. Add new menu items with the input field. Sort menu items by drag and drop. Optional delete button for each menu item. … Read more

A Lightweight Responsive Collapse Overflowing Table Columns Library | Podtablejs


Podtable is a non-dependency table library to fit a large set of table data into smaller device screens with various options to achieve a responsive spreadsheet. expandcollapse table column javascript, html table expandcollapse rows example, expandable and collapsible html tables, collapsible panel inside table How to make use of it: 1. Install and import the … Read more

Simple Responsive Expanding Content Slider with jQuery


Simple responsive slides jQuery & CSS3 content slider that allows you to scroll through a range of content with shrink/expand animations supported by CSS3 transitions and transitions. responsive slider codepen, jquery responsive slider, responsive slider jquery free download with demo, responsive slider in html, jquery image slider code How to make use of it: 1. … Read more

Angular 2+ Component for An Expandable Search-icon | NgMatSearchBar


NgMatSearchBar component creates/generates a search icon that expands the search field when clicked. ng mat search bar example, angular material expandable search bar, search bar in angular, angular material search bar, expanding search bar, angular search bar How to make use of it: Installation: npm install ng-mat-search-bar –save or yarn yarn add ng-mat-search-bar 1. Import … Read more

jQuery Plugin To Create An Smooth Animated Text Fields | Expandable Input


Input expand is a jQuery plug-in for creating an expanded text box that automatically expands to the right when it is focused or clicked. auto expand input width based on text length, input width auto resize css, textarea grow with content Onclick Stylish Expanding Search Box in HTML CSS Code How to make use of … Read more